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My Boyd Devereaux Fan Page!!!

New articles on Boyd & Maple Leafs schedule up
New article mentioning MY name in it up

***Devereaux is 1 goal away from having 50 goals in his NHL career. GOOD LUCK BOYD!!***

.......Devereaux playing for Toronto......

I want to send a special thanks out to Michael Traikos from the National Post in Toronto. You opened my eyes this morning to get my page back up and running again. And to show the love for this "not so well known player" again. thank you!!


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On this site I am going to tell you all about my favorite hockey player. Boyd Devereaux who once played for Edmonton, Detroit, Phoenix and now Toronto.  When Boyd was traded to the Wings back in 2000 I fell in love with his style of play. He is a great talent and young too. It also helps that he is such alittle hottie. Boyd who is known by his team mates as Floyd is a tough guy. He over came a severe concussion in April of 1999 playing for Edmonton where doctors told the forward at age 22 that his hockey career might be over. He kept his head held high and never thought the worst. In July of 2000 after getting a second opinion he was cleared by doctors in Montreal from then on he knew he had a second chance. Weeks later the Detroit Red Wings picked up his contract. In 2004 Devereaux went to play for the Phoenix Coyotes when the Red Wings did not pick up his contract. After his season with Phoenix and after a year off from the lock out Boyd decided to try out again for the Red Wings. He did great at trainging camp but the Wings decided to go in a different directions. Boyd ended up getting picked up by the Toronto Maple Leafs farm team, The Toronto Marlies. After playing well for them the Maple Leafs called him up and once again Boyd is living his childhood dream and playing for an NHL team.

I have been a fan of the Red Wings for sometime now. All the players I seem to pick always get traded. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this one is here to say. Being young Boyd has a lot to show for himself. I will keep everyone updated on his year and for the rest of his career. Thanks have fun on my site and check back offen cause I will get more pictures up soon.
Well as my luck has it Boyd was traded in 2004 Boyd signed with the Phoenix Coyotes and now he is with the Toronto Maple Leafs after playing for the Coyotes for a year. GOOD LUCK BOYD!
Hope to see you again one of these days!



 Latest Update:

I got an email from a gentleman who writes for the National Post in Toronto his name is Michael Traikos. He did a little interview with me on my loyality and fanship to Boyd Devereaux. It also opened my eyes that I have been slacking on this website. I have been a fan of Boyd's for years and just because he isnt a Wing anymore doesnt mean a thing. I need to get my butt into gear and get this web site back up to date. So thats my plan is to update it in the next few days. :)



Boyd's autograph from the toast of hockeytown

Here is me in my home Devereaux jersey, Devereaux hat, with my Devereaux sticker and plate on car.

If you are ever interested please check out the auctions on Ebay on Boyd.=)






Boyd celebrating in Seaforth, Ontario with the cup

Boyd and I @ toast of hockeytown

Boyd and I again!!! heehee 091103





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