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Questions and Answers

THIS WEEK @RWW - 3/01/03


Howd it feel to not only have Stevie back, but to also play on his line?
It was exciting. Its always a treat to play with Steve. I heard I was playing with him I was pumped. First of all, everybody was looking forward to seeing him back and just the fact its always fun to play with him. You know, he hadnt played since the finals last year. It felt special. It was fun.

Did he surprise you? Did he seem sharper than you would think?
Yeah, he was good I thought. I cant imagine. I dont think Ive ever been out that long in my life. Thats a long time. He looked good his first game back. So I was impressed. I thought he looked comfortable.

Now your line was numbers 19, 20, and 21, was that by design?
Oh gosh, I didnt even realize that. Thats funny. I dont think that was by design, just a funny coincidence.

Do you think you guys will keep this run going?
Last few games I think we felt pretty good, you know. Guys werent happy with some of the goals we gave up yesterday (Feb. 24). We played a good team game. Personally I just feel were clicking. Were starting to get that old feeling back and certainly Stevies going to help. And thats our goal, you know. We want to get on a good run and just keep winning. That takes focus, its not a magical thing. We know if we win one, its just a matter of getting back into the winning mode.
Is there anyone you like to be paired up with specifically? Do you feel its easy to adapt?

We have such strong depth. We know that whatever line or whatever players were with its a new experience. Theyre good players, so its a real luxury that we have here in Detroit. Its a lot of fun for the guys. It's easy to adapt if you give it an opportunity. You know, sometimes its hard to feel right off the bat. So its nice when you get a chance to build some chemistry. Sometimes you take it as it comes. If you get a chance its nice but if you dont, you go with the flow.


How would you describe your life on the road with the guys?

Its fun, I love it. I do not like to be away from home though since my fiancées down here this year. But its fun to get out with the guys and go to movies. Im a big movie guy.

Who was your roommate the first year you got here?

I was with Dandy all last year. They have rotated us around a bit this year. Its pretty cool. You get to know that person inside and out. The road is a fun place to be. Particularly with this team, the guys do spend a lot of time with the families obviously. Thats where they want to be. On the road its a unique opportunity for us all to hang out. I love it, its fun.

Who have you felt most comfortable playing with so far?

Probably Pavel, just because they stuck us together for a good amount of time. Scotty likes to mix things up a lot and change the lines up quite a bit. So Pavel probably is the player I played with most in the two years that Ive been here. Thats been fun, and I really like playing with him too.

What kind of sports are you in to off the ice?

Ive been into football a lot more now that Im living here in the States. I really can see the passion Americans have for that sport. Im kind of catching that bug. I love watching basketball, all the major sports, baseball. Ill catch pretty much everything I can.

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