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My Boyd Devereaux Fan Page!!!
About the web master ME

that's patty's boyfriend David's finger in the pic
my best friend Patty and myself (im on the right) taken 12/06

I am a 29 year old living with Rhemetoid Arthritis. I have had the disease since I was 15 years old. Back in April of 2002 I had a total left hip replacement and due to this fact I am not working. I am getting SS Disability. November 24th, 2003 I had a total right hip replacement. And last but not least May 23, 2006 I had a total right knee replacement. But if you want to know anything more about me please ask. THANKS!!!
Full Name:   Dawn Marie Malek

Nick Name(s): Dawnie, D, MD, Princess, Malek

Country: USA
Date of birth:  January 25th, 1978

Family members: dad Lou, mom Sharon, doggie's Scottish Terrier-Ozzie (named after Chris "Ozzie" Osgood & our new addition a Beagle named Bailey what a handful she is.
I am an only child.

Hobbies:  anything to do with HOCKEY, collecting Boyd Devereaux items, taking photographs, singing, shopping, surfing the net and working on my Boyd Devereaux web site, and my other web sites (live journal & myspace).=)

Collections: anything Red Wings, anything Boyd Devereaux
Best advice ever given: Never eat yellow snow

Words or Phrases You Use Too Much: what? are you serious?, what??? ooh for F**U**C**K**S** sakes, and I laugh and smile too much...

Dream car: Ford Explorer and that's what I drive.

Ambition/s: to get back to a normal life as much as possible with out having problems with my health and my arthritis. ACK!!!

Scariest Thing You've Ever Done: my 2 hip replacement surgeries and 1 knee replacement
Coolest Experience: so many things and they all have to do with hockey. 1998 Washington DC game 4 row 14 in back of Ozzie seeing the Wings win the cup back to back. And going to my first Red Wings training camp this past fall 2002. And it is surely not my last. GO WINGS!!!

Fave Thing to do in the Summer: hang with friends and go to concerts

Fave Thing to do in the Fall: go to hockey games
Fave Thing to do in the winter: Sit at home and watch hockey, and/or go to hockey games

Little Known Talent I Possess: none

Special Skills or Talents: hmmm...I dont think I have any oooh wait my photography

Character Traits I Look For in a Person: eyes

Denomination (Religion): Catholic

Fave singer/band: (right now) A LOT...daughtry, barenaked ladies, tool, creed, limp bizkit, kid rock, good charlotte, kelly clarkson,   evanescence, staind, puddle of mud, linkin park, avril lavigne, the used, three days grace, finch, jimmy eat world, chevelle, our lady peace, pulse ultra, finger eleven and more
(I am a 89X princess...heehee)

What you like about him/her: I don't have a him
Fave song:  right now? hmmm...there are too many

Fave actress: drew barrymore, jennifer garner & more

Fave actor: paul walker, wentworth miller, dominic purcell, michael vartan and a few others 

Fave colour: red and black

Fave Food: mexican, italian

Fave vacation: Seattle and Canada

Fave subject: went back to school

Fave Sports: Hockey 

Fave movie: all time favorite is Annie. There are so many others that I love. I am addicted to DVD and VHF movies my friends call me the local video store.

Fave Animal: doggies

Fave number: 21 GO BOYD!!!
Fave TV programs:  friends, days of our lives, full house, charmed, law & order SVU, er, real world, road rules, sex in the city, ugly betty, prison break, heros, american idol, my name is earl, the first 48, 24, and sooooooooo many more

Fave Day: every day

Fave Month: January my birthday

Fave part of the newspaper: Sports
Fave things to wear: jeans, hockey jerseys or a t-shirt and sweatshirt cause I am ALWAYS COLD.

Fave brands: CCM, Nike, and lots more

Email: ,
Screen names: Aol-Hokytown Yahoo-boyd_devereaux21 

Why you like Boyd: He's a good player, and after his injury in the playoffs with Edmonton he came back and showed that a concussion is not going to stop him from playing a game he he is my little HOTTIE. heehee

patty, me, heather, kc & kim BFF 12/06

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