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RWW interviews
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THIS WEEK @RWW - 12/23/01

RWW STAFF: What do you think your role is on this team?
DEVEREAUX: Bringing some energy to the mix.  I try to stay on the fore-check and create turnovers in the offensive end. You know, just be as solid defensively as I can. I think if I try to continue to do those things, that's what I'm probably best framed for.

RWW STAFF: Can you share your thoughts on what it felt like to hear someone say your career as a professional hockey player was over?
DEVEREAUX: When I first heard that, I was fully expecting to hear the opposite, that he was going to give me the go ahead to come back. When I first heard it I was totally crushed. I wasn't expecting news like that in the least. It was just devastating. It's tough to put into words. For something you've worked at your whole life, then to kind of have it appear to come to a sudden halt like that is pretty trying.

RWW STAFF: How do you feel your progression is coming along since you arrived here in Detroit.
DEVEREAUX: I was looking to improve as a player this past summer.  I think I am pretty happy the way the summer went. I do feel like I'm stronger on the puck. I even have some more jump and stuff. I'd love to build on that next summer. You know, it's a process and I'm just looking to keep improving.

RWW STAFF: Besides the history, what makes Detroit so special to play for? What is the draw for today's player?
DEVEREAUX: I think we just have kind of an aura around the league. When I played in Edmonton, you catch your teammates looking down their way during warm up. Particularly with the success they've had in the 90's. I guess the team just has an aura about it as being a powerhouse. I notice even now, other teams glancing our way. Things like that. Word is pretty much known that it is a real class organization, and they take really good care of the guys. The players seem to come first here, and I think that always appeals to players across the league. It's the little things.

RWW STAFF: Who on the team has been a guiding presence in your life both on the ice and off the ice?
DEVEREAUX: Last year Ozzy was really good to me. He always had good advice. All the guys are great for that though. Ozzy in particular would say the right thing at the key moment when I was down. He was particularly great. Jim Nill has always been very encouraging. Everybody's been great and supportive. I guess that's just the team dynamic, you know, everyone is there for everyone. Particularly those two guys, but this year it's been everybody.

RWW STAFF: Are there any experiences that stand out above the rest, since you've arrived here in Detroit?
DEVEREAUX: We were having a burger one off day and Duchesne put a paper napkin in my burger while I was at the washer. I took a bite and it was a little tough to get through.  He caught me with that one. I got into the first bite before I noticed it. There are so many good times.

RWW STAFF:Through the duration of a season, what aspect do you tend to stress the most, physical or mental?
DEVEREAUX: I think it's probably 50/50. I use to probably pay closer attention to the physical part of it. I think now I'm learning, as you get more years in the league, that it's the mental part. You've got to be focused. You've got to maintain, not get too high or low mentally. You've got to keep an even ground in that respect. I'm putting a lot more energy in maintaining that focus, particularly this season, in addition to paying attention to the physical aspects like keeping in shape.

RWW STAFF: What are some bands that you dig listening to?
DEVEREAUX: Radiohead and Tool.  One of my favorite disks recently has been the Strokes. I just caught them at St. Andrews and it blew me away.  I totally dig what they are doing. What else? I've been listening to a lot more U2 lately. I was always a fan, but I never really appreciated them enough as I was growing up. I didn't see them on their last tour, but they have a live DVD out. I caught that and it just blew me away how good they were. To me, it just seems they are head and shoulders above...what they are doing in their live show, and what they are all about. They seem to be so much more than just putting on a show. That's appealing to me recently. I didn't even have a lot of their disks. I had their greatest hits. I went out and bought the rest. I'm really digging those disks lately. I love my tunes. I could rattle off a million bands.




THIS WEEK @RWW - 2/01/03

In response to all of the music questions you have for Boyd Devereaux, RWW recently sat down with him and talked about a favorite band of his Tool and about Maynard James Keenan, the bands lead vocalist. He also mentioned Keenans other band, Perfect Circle.

RWW: Tool is one of your favorite bands?
DEVEREAUX: Yeah, Tools unbelievable. I actually saw (Maynard) and he can scream for so long, but he can do it he makes it sound really good. Thats so amazing.

RWW: How many times have you seen Tool?
DEVEREAUX: I saw them four times.

RWW: Did you ever get to meet them?
DEVEREAUX: Tool, theyre so mysterious. No one really knows a lot about them. I have so much respect for them, I just, I almost prefer to just keep it a mystery, you know? I like that mystery about it. So if I never get to (meet them), I wont be disappointed.

RWW: Have you ever checked out Perfect Circle?
DEVEREAUX: Yeah, I saw them at Eastern Michigan on their last tour. They were awesome. Actually, I was lucky, because a friend of mine works for Virgin Records and I got to watch from the side of the stage. It was the biggest thrill.

RWW: Did you meet Perfect Circle?
DEVEREAUX: I met Josh Freese the drummer, and stuff.

RWW: Youve seen Tool and Perfect Circle, does Maynard usually end up in his underwear each time?
DEVEREAUX: I think thats more of a Perfect Circle thing it was what he was doing on that tour.

RWW: Maynard is an unusual character
DEVEREAUX: Yeah, hes nuts, but theyre artists.

RWW: He ended up in a pair of underwear at Cobo Hall in Detroit.
DEVEREAUX: Oh, is that right? I dont know. For all the shows I saw, he just had black and whats so great about it, hes just a musician. Hes in the back with the drummer. The lighting is not directly focused on him and I really like that aspect.

RWW: Did you see all their homemade movies on the huge video screens?
DEVEREAUX: Yeah, I like that. In (the song) Parabola, when the ball came down. Its almost a blessing to have a back seat for Tool then you get the whole scope, you know? You focus in too close, in front.

RWW: Have you had a favorite show experience?
DEVEREAUX: I saw them actually at the State Theater when they did that four day tour just when Lateralus came out. It was awesome because their earlier set up on that tour, like Maynard there was a big screen and then there was just a screen in front of Maynard showing the same thing and he was just a silhouette. And he was just doing his thing. I was like Oh my God, this is so awesome. You dont see him all you see is the shadow the whole way. I just hope its not four years before the next record to come out. I mean, it takes them to compose.

RWW: Whats your favorite album?
DEVEREAUX: I dont know, Lateralus or Aenima. I havent really decided. I think theyre both great. You know, Undertow and Opiate, I like them all.

RWW: Have you heard anything about their recent projects?
DEVEREAUX: I heard theyre going to come out with like a DVD of all, more of like Adam Jones (guitar) to tie them over to the next record, which will be really cool. I think they should just put out all the stuff they use during their shows. Thatd be awesome.